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IAIN Langsa

INSPIRA: Indonesian Journal of Psychological Research accepts empirical-research articles in any psychology-related subjects and any research methodology (i.e., experimental, observational, ethnographic, survey, interpretive) corresponding to the area of psychology or behavioral science that meet the standard publication in this journal that fall within the Islamic context. The broad range of Islamic context published by the journal includes, but not limited to, research in Muslim populations, mental health issue preventions, mental health interventions in Islamic traditions, etc. INSPIRA: Indonesian Journal of Psychological Research invites manuscripts in the area of: 1) abnormal, clinical, and counseling psychology; 2) applications of psychology; 3) behavioral and cognitive neuroscience; 4) cognitive and neuropsychology; 5) developmental and life span psychology; 6) educational and school psychology; 7) health and pediatric psychology; 8) industrial and organizational psychology; 9) Positive and indigenous psychology; 10) methods, measurement, and assessment; and 11) social and personality psychology